The Word Is A Drum

A Video Poem


Substack recently included me in their private beta testing group, allowing me to record video directly into my posts for subscribers. Here is my face saying words that I wrote. Let me know what you think of these multimedia writing posts!

The word is a drum

Every heart beat a drum

Jealousy and rage

Every angle a drum

A soul of two spirits

The gift is a drum

Murder and famine

My existence a drum

Your feet and the cage

Vibration of the Earth in a storm

And lightning is a drum

Electricity in the air

Tightrope energy

The invisible hum is a drum

The rumble of home

A streetcar on its track with its bell

Every dingle a drum

Every morning a drum

Sun rises and afterwards

Blue skies are a drum

Animals in the clouds

And the strumming of fingertips on string

Creation is a drum

Myth and pathos

Conservation is a drum

His eyes are alight as they flutter

Every breath a drum beating

With each sleep a new being

The Dream is the Drum

The paperclip and the swallowed safety pin

The esophagus is moist and taut

To forget is to drum

As healer is to shaman

Any human is forgiven

That filthy carpet is a drum

The veins are a drum

The sound of one’s breath

Forsaken piles of clothing and books

Vinyl records are drums

Every child without status

The innocence of discovery and truth

The world is a drum

And we’re in it