Here's The Deal

When queried on my career aspirations as a second-grader, I wrote “writer.” Third grade, the same. Fourth, fifth… This morphed into “journalist” by my adolescent years. Let’s blame too many after school viewings of Mary Tyler Moore Show reruns for that ill-fated fantasy.

In high school, I skipped countless classes to hang out in the nearby university library, poring over volumes of classical poetry and writing my own (long-lost) poems and essays. I skipped enough classes to piss off some of my teachers and sorely disappoint others, but never enough to fail.

My writing addiction made me a terrible student.

It also made me invincible.

Welcome to Put Your Face In It, a newsletter about living soulfully in an oftentimes soulless digital world. Oh, and motherhood. Lots of talk about that. Sex, drugs, spirits, and rock and roll might make their appearances.

Come along for the ride! I promise there will be snacks.

Put Your Face In It is a reader-supported writing platform. Both free and paid subscriptions will be available. The best way to support my work (and buy my kid Lego) is through a paid subscription.

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Perpetually writing essays and songs. Author of The Cursed Arrows Oracle guidebook. Musician in the long-running Canadian music duo, Cursed Arrows.